South Hampstead House


  • Total floor area 350 sqm/3750 sqft
  • 6 double bedrooms/ 5 bathrooms
  • Rear and roof extension
  • Replacement of most structural elements
  • Apr 2014 ECA Studio appointed
  • Sept 2015 Planning Approval Granted
  • Oct 2016 Building Work Completed
  • Interior Design: ECA Studio

“Dynamic reconfiguration and extension to an Edwardian home and garden to support a growing family in the South Hampstead Conservation Area”

ECA Studio were commissioned to transform and extend a large Edwardian home with poor connections to a loved garden. By completely reconfiguring the layout of the property we created six generous double bedrooms. The incorporation of a suspended, perforated metal staircase allowed natural light to flood deep into the house. An existing cramped extension is replaced with an open, contemporary ‘box’ clad in corten-steel-inspired tiles. The new extension enhances the relationship between the kitchen and the beautiful garden that had been so lacking until now.