Hampstead House

Full renovation, rear extension and loft conversion with roof terrace

This once neglected Victorian terrace house, left vacant for over two years, suffered significant damage from water leaks and rising damp. Today, it stands completely transformed after a major refurbishment and the addition of a rear extension, loft, and roof terrace.

Every detail whispers a story of thoughtful design and timeless elegance. rooftop terrace. Here, a magnificent rooflight bathes the stairwell in natural light, while the modern Crittall wall welcomes natural light into the living room, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

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The once-unused narrow garage has been cleverly reimagined into warm traditional living with an inviting open-plan kitchen and dining area. Below the floorboards lies a hidden gem—a captivating underground spiral cellar crafted from engineered limestone concrete, adding a touch of mystery and sophistication.


Total floor area 150 sqm/1600 sqft

Location: London, Notting Hill W11

Apr 2021 ECA Studio appointed

Sept 2021 Planning Approval Granted

Jun 2022 Building Work Completed

Contractor: Mallett

Interior Designer: Rosanna Bossom